Couloir is the serious and responsible business partner, who really wants to do the right thing. We don't get hung up on a specific media or channels. We like to develop an idea that can solve a specific challenge. That idea can resolve in an amazing TV commercial, a sales promotion or a campaign web, but it might as well find its place in a print campaign, website or an online game - among millions of other things. In a world where luck strikes the brave, we believe that a combination of rigor and risk is what clients need. Today the consumer is King. To gain their confidence, we constantly need to find new innovative ways to engage them.

To find out what we can do for you and your company, please stop by and grab a cup of coffee and tell us all about your problems. If you need some more convincing - check out our Work page for a short glimpse of what we have done before and then you can go on to our page at facebook and make a stop at our youtube channel to see what we are working on right now.

Then, if you can't make it to Avenyn in Gothenburg - we'll come to you, just give us a call.
Talk soon.